Full day tour to Kegeti waterfall

and Medieval Burana tower


This one-day tour is a great combination of most famous archaeological sites - Burana Tower and no less famous Kegeti Gorge with its natural reserve, alpine forests, river and easily accessible Kegeti waterfall. Join us and learn history about the Kyrgyzstan and its role on the Great Silk Road while exploring Burana Tower. Moreover, you will have a chance to climb to the top of the ancient tower, where there is a beautiful view of the Chui valley and the Tien-Shan mountains opens. Then we will continue the journey to Kegeti Gorge, enjoy the natural reserve, alpine forests, river and short walk (200 meters) to the Kegeti waterfall. The waterfall flows all year round. In summer is surrounded by green trees and bushes. In Winter it half freezes creating mesmerizing icy figures.

On the territory of the gorge there are two other small gorges – At-Jailoo and Kel-Tor, which are part of the Kegety. In the gorge there is a beautiful lake Kel-Tor, the Kegeti River, as well as a high mountain pass, which is located at an altitude of 4000 meters above sea level. One of the waterfalls of the gorge attracts the attention of photo lovers. This waterfall with a height of 30 meters looks very picturesque and it can be reached very easily(5 min of walking).

You can also take a horse ride in Kegeti. If you don't know how to stay in the saddle, the locals will quickly teach you this. Not far from the Kegeti gorge there are jailoos (pastures) and one of the most famous archaeological monuments of Kyrgyzstan – the Burana Tower – a minaret of the XI century.

What to expect

In the morning you’ll be picked up from a hotel to start your exciting tour. We’ll head towards Burana Tower to the small town of Tokmok (80km from Bishkek). You will drive along the border with Kazakhstan and, if the weather is clear, you will see the beautiful scenery of the Tien Shan mountains. Tokmak was the second largest industrial city in Kyrgyzstan during the Soviet times, and you can see some of the Soviet monuments while driving through the city. Then you will pass through several small but picturesque villages, and you will be able to see the life of the locals outside the capital.
Burana Tower
Your guide will show you the mausoleums and other buildings discovered by archaeologists during excavations, you will have a chance to climb to the top of the ancient tower, where there is a beautiful view of the Chui valley and the Tien-Shan mountains open. Visit the small museum, which presents various archaeological artifacts, as well as an open-air museum, which contains ancient gravestones, rock drawings, and other interesting historical objects found on the territory of our country.
After this we’ll resume our way to Kegeti Gorge
Kegeti Gorge
Kegeti gorge is considered as one of the most beautiful places in the area and it is only 50km(30miles) from Bishkek. There are many trees, both coniferous and fruit. Kegeti is the most wooded gorge of the Chui Valley. The gorge is also famous for its alpine meadows, medicinal plants and berries. Kegety is home to dozens of species of animals and birds.Here we will be exploring the area, walk to the Kegeti waterfall(can be easily reached in 5 min) and enjoy our lunch in the pure nature surrounded with great mountains of Kegeti Gorge.
Return to Bishkek. Dropping you off at the hotel will be the end of our gorgeous tour. Have an amazing evening!

What is included?

Air-conditioned vehicle with a driver(pick up/drop off hotel)
English speaking guide
Entrance fees to the Burana tower
Bottled water and snacs for hiking
Trekking poles


  • 120 USD

    Private tour for one person

  • 80 USD

    Group of 2 people

  • 60 USD

    Group of 3-4 people


    Group of 5 and more people


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