Full Day in Nature: Chunkurchak and Ala Archa National Park


Join this day-long adventure to explore two of most renowned natural spots near Bishkek.

Begin at Ala Archa National Park, where rugged mountains and clear streams set the stage for an exploration of wild beauty. A short journey from Bishkek, this park captivates with its diverse wildlife and scenic trails. The adventure continues at Chunkurchak Gorge, a peaceful retreat adorned with lush greenery and a captivating waterfall. This picturesque spot offers a serene escape and a chance to witness the stunning landscapes of Kyrgyzstan. Our carefully planned itinerary ensures an immersive experience with tranquil river walks and the lush, green allure of the countryside.

Just an hour away from Bishkek, Ala Archa National Park is a peaceful retreat into nature. Surrounded by mountains and forests, it’s a place where you can enjoy easy walks along the river flowing from the glaciers, as well as the opportunity for more challenging hikes. It’s also a great spot for wildlife lovers. One of the highlights is the chance to feed birds and squirrels right from your hand, bringing you closer to the park's wildlife. This park offers a perfect mix of adventure and relaxation, making it an ideal stop for anyone looking to experience Kyrgyzstan’s natural beauty.

About an hour's drive from Ala Archa National Park, Chunkurchak Gorge is a beloved spot for its stunning natural beauty and wide range of outdoor activities. The gorge's stunning waterfall is a highlight, beautifully surrounded by greenery. It's a place where visitors can enjoy walks or hikes on trails that showcase the region's natural diversity, offering a chance to experience the variety of plants and wildlife up close. Horseback riding is especially popular here, offering a unique and thrilling way to see the gorge's challenging landscapes. Whether you're exploring on foot or on horseback, Chunkurchak Gorge invites you to experience the serene and majestic side of Kyrgyzstan's outdoors.

What to expect

Our guide and driver will pick you up early from your hotel in Bishkek and drive you to Ala-Archa National Park, just 40 km away. Within an hour, you'll be immersed in the stunning scenery of Ala-Archa, with its rushing mountain river, towering snowy peaks, and juniper-covered slopes leading to alpine meadows bursting with flowers.

Ala Archa National Park

Accompanied by your personal guide, you'll spend 1-2 hours at Ala Archa National Park, choosing from two tailored experiences. Opt for a leisurely walk along the river on a paved path to a stunning panoramic viewpoint, where you can feed squirrels, watch birds, and capture beautiful photos. Alternatively, for a bit more adventure, your guide can lead you on a trail to the "Broken Heart Stone," where you're rewarded with breathtaking views of the entire park. Your guide will be on hand to enhance your experience, providing insights and assistance as you explore. Afterward, we'll continue our journey to Chunkurchak Gorge.
Ata Beyit Memorial
On the way to Chunkurchak Gorge, we take a moment at the Ata Beyit Memorial, a poignant reminder of those who lost their lives during the Soviet times due to political repression. Set against a backdrop of natural beauty, this memorial offers visitors a space for quiet reflection on Kyrgyzstan’s historical struggles and the enduring spirit of its people. As your guide shares stories of the nation’s past hardships and its journey towards current aspirations, you’re invited to connect deeply with the place and its history, paying your respects in a tranquil and respectful atmosphere.

Entering Chunkurchak Gorge, we'll be welcomed by the stunning Pigeon Waterfall, an ideal spot for our first photo opportunity. From there, we continue to the Supara Chunkurchak Resort, nestled within the gorge's natural beauty, where we'll relax and enjoy a picnic lunch. Choose a spot under the trees or beside the river to savor the fresh air and scenic views. For those seeking adventure, the resort offers optional activities including horseback riding, an archery masterclass, and ziplining, allowing you to fully engage with the outdoors. After a day filled with natural wonders and activities, we'll return to Bishkek, carrying memories of a day well spent in the heart of Kyrgyzstan's landscapes.
Back to Bishkek
After a day filled with natural wonders and outdoor activities, we'll make our way back to Bishkek. Our guide will ensure you're comfortably dropped off at your hotel or any preferred location within the city. Wishing you a wonderful evening ahead, and we look forward to welcoming you on another journey soon!

What is included?

Air-conditioned vehicle with a driver(pick up/drop off hotel)
Entry Ticket to Ala Archa National Park and Ata Beit Memorial
English Speaking Guide
Lunch Box and bottled water


  • 150 USD

    Private tour for one person

  • 80 USD

    Group of 2 people

  • 60 USD

    Group of 3-4 people


    Group of 5 and more people


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