Kyrgyz Family Dinner:
Meet, Eat, and Talk


Join a Kyrgyz family for a unique dining experience, offering a deep dive into their everyday life. This opportunity allows you to help prepare and then savor traditional home-cooked meals, including the beloved fried bread, boorsok. This is a rare chance to eat with locals, see how they live, and ask questions about their daily lives and customs. It's not just about food; it's an opportunity to connect deeply with Kyrgyz culture through the eyes of a family, creating a truly memorable experience. Ideal for anyone looking to immerse themselves in the local way of life and enjoy genuine Kyrgyz hospitality.
Discover the unique charm of Kyrgyz culture through an exclusive invitation to a Family Dinner. This experience offers a rare glimpse into the daily lives of a local Kyrgyz family, showcasing the distinctive way they live and the delicious foods that fill their table. From the traditional preparation of boorsok, the beloved Kyrgyz bread, to the sharing of meals that are a feast for the senses, you're not just a guest but a part of family life for a night.

This is your chance to engage directly with the heart of Kyrgyz hospitality, learn about their customs, and savor the flavors that define this rich culture. Being invited into a family home is a privilege that offers insights and connections beyond the reach of regular travel experiences. Embrace this opportunity to immerse yourself in the genuine warmth and spirit of Kyrgyzstan.

What to expect

Pick Up
We'll collect you from your hotel and transport you to the welcoming home of a local Kyrgyz family. Upon arrival, you'll be introduced to the entire household, from the wise elders to the energetic young kids, offering a perfect snapshot of daily life in a Kyrgyz family.

Kyrgyz Family Dinner

Upon your arrival, immerse yourself in the essence of Kyrgyz hospitality. The adventure begins in the kitchen, where the family's mother welcomes you to join in the meal preparation. You'll learn how to set the table the Kyrgyz way and cook special dishes. One of the highlights is making boorsok, a famous Kyrgyz bread. It's fun and hands-on, and you'll feel a special connection as you help create this important part of their food tradition.

The journey continues beyond the kitchen. Next, the father of the family will show you around their home. He will take you through the living areas and the garden, sharing stories and details about their life. This tour is not just about seeing the house; it’s about understanding how the family lives, what they value, and the love that goes into making their house a home.

As dinner is served, you're invited to the main table, a welcoming spread of Kyrgyz national dishes awaits - from hearty soups and fresh salads to an array of fruits. This meal is a great time to talk, ask anything you're curious about, and listen to the family's stories. They are happy to share and want you to learn about their culture. This dinner is not just about eating delicious food; it's about meeting new people, learning about their lives, and sharing a special moment together.
Farewell and Lasting Memories:
As the evening draws to a close, you're not just saying goodbye to a family but to new friends. Joining the Kyrgyz Family Dinner transcends the usual travel experience; it's about forming genuine connections with the heart of Kyrgyzstan. This unforgettable immersion into local customs and hospitality will leave you with not just a full belly but a deeper appreciation of Kyrgyz culture and lasting memories.

What is included?

Pick-Up and Drop-Off Service
Family Dinner
Cooking Masterclass
House Excursion
Cultural Exchange
Photo Memories


  • 80 USD

    Private tour for one person

  • 60 USD

    Group of 2 people

  • 40 USD

    Group of 3-4 people


    Group of 5 and more people


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