One-day adventure to the stunning Issyk Kul lake


This is the most suitable tour for those who have little time and want to combine cultural and historical trip with the breathtaking views of Issyk-Kul lake. During this one day tour you will visit the most popular cultural complex “Rukh Ordo”, an open air museum of Petroglyphs, historical museum, Cholpon-Ata Hippodrome, Burana tower and do boat ride on alpine lake - Issyk-Kul. Join this tour and make lifetime memories!

The pearl of Kyrgyzstan – so it is called by the locals, and it is for a reason, being a 4-hour drive from the Bishkek city you can be in one of the most beautiful places in Kyrgyzstan. Lake Issyk Kul is one of the most popular tourist destinations in our country. Issyk Kul is the largest lake in Kyrgyzstan and second largest salt lake in the world, which never freezes.

The main feature of Issyk-Kul is its mountainous and maritime climate. There are many sanatoriums and wellness centers where you can take treatment courses. It should also be borne in mind that even in summer the weather on Issyk-Kul is quite capricious. During the day, it can change several times: sun, rain, sun again and rain again. Therefore, it is necessary to take warmer clothes with you.

Since 2014, the World Nomad Games have been held in Issyk-Kul. This includes various competitions in ethnic sports. For example, kok-boru (goat-picking), alysh (belt wrestling) and alchiki (a game using cattle bones). Nomad games attract players and tourists from all over the world.

Lake Issyk-Kul attracts the attention of not only beach-goers and travelers who dream of seeing the “Kyrgyz Pearl” but also historians, archeologists and treasure hunters. Many different legends and stories are connected with the lake. According to the data of historical science up to 200 large and small treasures could be found in the Issyk-Kul lake region.

What to expect

In the morning you’ll be picked up from a hotel to start your exciting tour. We’ll head towards Burana Tower to the small town of Tokmok (80km from Bishkek). You will drive along the border with Kazakhstan and, if the weather is clear, you will see the beautiful scenery of the Tien Shan mountains. Tokmak was the second largest industrial city in Kyrgyzstan during the Soviet times, and you can see some of the Soviet monuments while driving through the city. Then you will pass through several small but picturesque villages, and you will be able to see the life of the locals outside the capital.
Burana tower
Your guide will show you the mausoleums and other buildings discovered by archaeologists during excavations, you will have a chance to climb to the top of the ancient tower, where there is a beautiful view of the Chui valley and the Tien-Shan mountains open. Visit the small museum, which presents various archaeological artifacts, as well as an open-air museum, which contains ancient gravestones, rock drawings, and other interesting historical objects found on the territory of our country.
Boom gorge
The Boom gorge is the connecting link between Chui valley and Yssyk-Kul lake. In the gorge flows one of the largest rivers of Tien-Shan – Chu. The river broke this large and picturesque gorge among the mountains.
Boom is characterized by a variety of landscapes. Wooded and green slopes, covered with trees and shrubs, are suddenly replaced by drained clay canyons. The complex relief of the gorge is also noteworthy: narrow and winding in the western part, it widens considerably in the eastern part, forming a wide valley.

It will be our stop for the lunch at one of the restaurants. National puff cakes with soar cream and tea boiled in russian samovar with unique taste.
Issyk-Kul lake
As soon as we arrive in Cholpon-Ata (central town of the lake’s northern coast) we’ll visit the Historical Museum where you can learn about the history of Kyrgyzstan and visit an open air museum of petroglyphs where you will find stone drawings dated back 8-6 centuries BC till 3-4 centuries AD. The area of those stone drawing lies at the foot of Kungei Alatau Ridge with a beautiful view of the whole lake.
The highlight of the tour - enjoy the second alpine lake in the world on a boat. You will be inspired by the captivating view of the lake surrounded by snowy mountains of Tian Shan. For swimming fans, there will be a short break when they can submerge into cool and transparent water (safety vests are provided).

After this gorgeous experience, we’re heading to another fancy place - the spiritual center Rukh Ordo. It is not just a museum or a park, it is a place that combines religions and cultures of different nations and different times.
Natural Hot Springs
The tour to Cholpon-Ata continues by visiting natural hot springs. Immerse yourself in warm mineral-rich waters known for their healing properties. Enjoy a range of spa procedures, including massages and piling, for ultimate relaxation. Leave feeling refreshed and renewed.
We’ll arrive in the city at 9-10pm and after the beautiful day full of experiences you’re gonna be so pleasantly tired. That’s where our tour ends. Drop off at a hotel. Have a good night!

What is included?

Air-conditioned vehicle with a driver(pick up/drop off hotel)
Entrance fees to the Burana tower, museums, boat ride and natural hot spring
English speaking guide
Kyrgyz Traditional Lunch
Bathing in natural hot springs
Bottled water


  • 200 USD

    Private tour for one person

  • 125 USD

    Group of 2 people

  • 100 USD

    Group of 3-4 people


    Group of 5 and more people


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